Global Fungal Infection Forum 4 in Lima

Developing a coalition roadmap for integration of fungal disease pathways and AMR solutions into health systems in Latin America

GAFFI’s successful advocacy at the global health level needs to be translated into policy and action on a country basis. The size of the fungal disease problem and their negative impact on health is now obvious in most countries. A new generation of simple diagnostic tools and affordable antifungal are available.  Translating all these opportunities into on-the-ground reality requires a health systems approach in each country to generate graduated, sustainable solutions, reducing morbidity and saving lives. The stimulus for this meeting was a paper published in Lancet Infectious Diseases by Cole et al (2017) “Improvement of fungal disease identification and management: combined health systems and public health approaches.

Timing, location and languages

September 3-5th, 2019; Novotel, Lima, Peru;

Meeting in Spanish, with simultaneous translation

Online Meeting Report Meeting  (Briefing webinar (July 1st 2020 15:00 BST (GMT+1))



  • To gain a shared understanding of the policy landscape for health systems strengthening in Latin America for a comprehensive approach to fungal disease.
  • To stimulate active dialogue and generate concrete steps towards the integration of fungal diagnostics into HIV/AIDS programs, TB programs, and high complexity patients (immunocompromised, neonates, transplanted, oncologic and intensive care units’ patients among others).
  • To inform country policy and technical leaders about the new generation of sensitive and rapid non-culture- based diagnostics for fungal disease.
  • To inform country policy and technical leaders about shifts in antifungal chemotherapy and generic antifungal availability and costs and to discuss strategies to improve access to quality antifungal medicines.

To provide a venue for individual country planning and feedback on options for improvements and donor support for those actions.


LMICs in Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, and  HICs – Argentina, Chile, Panama and Uruguay.

We are very grateful to the following companies and institutions for their support of this meeting: Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta, Pan-American Health Organisation, University of Toronto, ISHAM, ECMM, Optimum Imaging Diagnostics, Immy, LDBio, Dynamiker, MiraVista, Tianjin Era-Biology, Gilead, Scynexis, Pulmocide, Pfizer

Meeting reports – final

English Spanish

appendix 1

Burden of serious fungal disease in Latin America, by country and disease.
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appendix 2

Neglected fungal skin tropical disease.
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Lima meeting report recording  English  Spanish


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