Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

The central Sustainable Development Goal 3 of reducing premature death and improving the health of people across the world is directly aligned with GAFFI’s overall mission. By promoting integration of fungal disease diagnosis and care into health systems, several other SDGs are directly addressed. These include:
• SGD1 (Promoting the health needs of the poor) – especially HIV/AIDS, TB and NTDs.
• SGD4 (Supporting high-quality education for all to improve health and health-equity) – Healthcare worker education in particular.
• SGD8 (Promoting health employment as a driver of inclusive economic growth) – directly supported with more laboratory personnel and expanded roles in pharmacy, radiology and information technology, and indirectly in supply chains for diagnostics and antifungal agents.
• SGD9 (Promoting national R&D capacity and manufacturing of affordable essential medical products) – notably epidemiology studies, surveillance and laboratory consumables and computers.
• SDG12 (Promoting responsible consumption of medicines to combat antimicrobial resistance) – notably widespread adoption of rapid and sensitive diagnostics, antifungal surveillance and antifungal stewardship programs.
• SGD16 (Empowering strong local institutions to develop, implement, monitor and account for ambitious national SDG responses) – notably development of critical mass in fungal disease diagnosis and management with surveillance networks.
• SGD17 (Mobilising partners to monitor and attain the health-related SDGs) – development of public health mycology, on a strong epidemiology and surveillance background.