Donald Cole

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Donald Cole (Professor) trained as a physician and practised primary care, public health, occupational health and environmental health in a variety of settings in Canada and lower and middle income countries. After a Masters in Health Research Methods and a residency at McMaster, he qualified as a specialist in Occupational Medicine (1990) and Community Medicine (1992).  A Tri-Council Eco-Research fellowship in environmental epidemiology led to research on environmental contaminants, ecosystems, human health and public health responses.
The role of Interim Director of Research at the Institute for Work & Health fostered research on burden of disease, health services, and evaluation of complex interventions for health. With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, CIDA, IDRC and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he has co-led research on pesticides (surveillance and health impacts), urban agriculture and nutrition in South America and East Africa. He was founding Director of the Collaborative PhD Program in Global Health at the University of Toronto and Co-Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research’s Capacity Development Program. He currently teaches and mentors a wide range of young researchers using mixed methods. He contributes research evidence on higher education, research systems development and public health globally.