Country Ambassadors

Wadha A m Alfouzan, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist, Kuwait

Wadha Ahmed M Alfouzan,
Consultant Clinical Microbiologists, 
Farwaniya Hospital, Ministry of Health, 
Associate Professor of Clinical Microbiology
Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University
Email: On request
How you have helped GAFFI so far:
The initial phase was gathering data to estimate the fungal burden in the Kuwait. After which, all deficiencies in diagnosis and therapy will be identified and addressed to enable the country to fully comprehend the impact of fungal infections in both clinical, economical and political level. Additionally, establishing connection with the expert fungal group facilitated collaboration, knowledge exchange and research initiation.
 Personal comment on the major needs in Kuwait which GAFFI should be addressing:
Kuwait have established the reference mycology laboratory under the supervision of Professor Khan more than 20 years ago.
The facility is equipped and highly specialized in the field of mycology. The main challenge is to maintain a continuous supply of reagents and kits and the need for expert technologists. 
The vision now is toward more decentralization of the basic clinical mycology, day to day tests to facilitate better services and lowering the turnaround time for patient care.
The Reference Laboratory has joined the molecular division run by Professor Ahmed. The same challenges are facing that part. In 2020, the mycology reference laboratory has moved to ministry of health, Mubarak hospital under Dr. Khalid Alobeid. 
However, the molecular laboratory run by prof Ahmed, is still under faculty of medicine, Kuwait university. The collaboration continue between both sites to facilitate and advances patient management.