Country Ambassadors

Samson Malwa Haumba, Country Resident Director, Georgetown University, Center for Global Health Practice and Impact, Mbabane Eswatini.
Email: On request
 How you have helped GAFFI so far?

- Conducted research and published data on burden on fungal disease in Eswatini focusing on cryptococcal antigenemia. Findings have influenced HIV guidelines in Eswatini. Research findings have been shared with GAFFI.
- Mobilization of resources for scaling up fungal disease testing and treatment.
- Have participated as a key informant for the global access to diagnostics for fungal infections assessments conducted by GAFFI.
 Personal comment on the major needs in Eswatini which GAFFI should be addressing:
- Over the last seven years, with colleagues in Eswatini and Centers for Disease control and Prevention mycotic division in the USA we have worked to highlight the importance of screening and management fungal infections especially cryptococcal antigenemia and cryptococcal meningitis.
- Eswatini embraced the inclusion of CrAg testing in the package for patients with advanced HIV disease and continues to use evidence to inform guidelines and policies.  Priorities include:
-- Increase awareness on fungal infections in the general population and among health care workers.
-- Increase research and diagnostics capacity in mycology
-- Sustain the dialogue with stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Health, on priority needs in fungal diagnostics, essential antifungal agents and resource mobilization to improve diagnosis, screening and surveillance
 Links to key fungal/global health institutions in Eswatini: