Country Ambassadors

Arunaloke Chakrabarti Professor and Head, Department of Medical Microbiobiology, Postgraduate Institute of Medical education and Research, Chandigarh 160012, India. Email: On request
How you have helped GAFFI so far?  Estimating the burden of fungal disease. We have published data for CPA and ABPA in India, view Agarwal et al 2014.  Candidemia has been estimated in India. The fungal burden on mucormycosis in India has also been estimated (ECCMID 2013). Epidemiology of fungal sinusitis in rural India
How you have helped GAFFI so far? 
  • Launching GAFFI in our country
  • Bringing objective and mission of GAFFI to the attention of Indian health administrators
  • Promoting GAFFI in my public lectures Sending the GAFFI message across Asian countries through Asian Fungal Working Group.
 Personal comment on the major needs in India which GAFFI should be addressing: View Doc :Indian challenges
  • Develop mycology reference laboratory- one in each province in India
  • Support fungal diagnosis and management in public sectors area
  • Research on early diagnosis of fungal infections
  • Strengthen existing fungal network in India
 Links to key fungal/global health institutions in India:
 National Mycology Reference Laboratory is situated in the Mycology Dept of our Institute in Chandigarh, we collaborate with WHO for fungal diseases, also we have the national culture collection of pathogenic fungi & the nodal centre for AF resistance surveillance work. https://ismm.in/