Dangerous gaps in Diagnostics and Treatment


Country Ambassadors

John Abuga
 John Abuga, Country Co-ordinator for GAFFI, GAFFI, Nairobi. Email: On request
 How you have helped GAFFI so far?  Developed National Fungal Disease Development Plan for Kenya. Assisted in estimating the burden of serious fungal infections in Kenya, now published Guto 2016. Developed with Major health stakeholders a national CPA prevalence survey for Kenya.
Engaged in advocacy and awareness initiatives to raise the profile of fungal diseases with national Ministry of Health and other international agencies involved with the delivery of health care in Kenya. Initiated a study in children aiming to improve diagnostic Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), with molecular testing.
 Personal comment on the major needs in Kenya which GAFFI should be addressing: The country lacks structures for the diagnostic and management of major fungal diseases in public hospitals. There are limited or not existence of epidemiological studies on Fungal infections in the country. No national guidelines on diagnostic and management of fungal infections. Limited funding to fungal infections; lacks clinical expertise in the management of fungal infections.
Majority of fungal drugs are very expensive and there  are 4 actions needed to make them available and accessible that would improve patient treatment outcomes. Efforts are needed to reduce mortality and life impact of the fungal infections.