Republic of Congo

Country Ambassadors

 Amona Fructueux Modeste, Coordinator  of the Research Center and Study of Infectious and Tropical Pathologies, Oyo’s district, Republic of Congo. Email: On request
 How you have helped GAFFI so far?
  • By reporting to GAFFI my country’s needs in fungal disease burden, diagnosis and management, presented as a poster (2016), now published (Mycoses, 2020).
  • By providing data to GAFFI on country-specific issues
  • By promoting GAFFI (and LIFE) news items and resources through talks, social media, use of logos, and press briefings about news items
Personal comment on the major needs in Republic of Congo which GAFFI should be addressing:
Limited diagnostic tools has led to misdiagnosis of fungal infection in Republic of Congo (RoC). Indeed, microscopy and culture on non-selective media is the main diagnosis approach for fungal diagnosis in RoC. Therefore providing materials, reagents and other diagnostic tools will improve diagnosis and management of fungal infection.

Despite, the limited diagnostic tools the therapeutic management of fungal infection is a huge problem in RoC since essential systemic antifungal drugs mostly active to fungal are not available in the country. The treatment of fungal infection is limited only to fluconazole, ketoconazole, topical miconazole, nystatin and griseofulvin.
 Links to key fungal/global health institutions in Republic of Congo:
  • Research Center and Study of Infectious and Tropical Pathologies, Oyo’s district