Fungal Infections are neglected diseases worldwide. Globally, over 300 million people of all ages suffer from a serious fungal infection every year. Of these over 1.35 million people are estimated to die. In comparison deaths from malaria and tuberculosis are 1.2 and 1.4 million respectively. Most serious fungal infections are ‘hidden’ because of other health problems such as, AIDS, cancer, transplantation, or immunosuppression. How do you feed your children when your blindness stops you from working? Tens of thousands lose their eyesight every year from fungal keratitis. It is rarely diagnosed and treated. Serious fungal infections require specialized testing.
Alongside our Country representatives, GAFFI has estimated  the world's  burden of fungal disease which was described in a recent plenary lecture at Montreal by GAFFI's President (View). Antifungal drug availability (generics) is  a major limitation to improved outcome, linked here on the GAFFI website.  Antifungal drug prices and availability across the world varies widely from country to country –  view.
GAFFI in conjunction with BVGH will hold a global fungal infection forum in Seattle in February 2015 -the objective will be to gather key stakeholders together and discuss the current state and future direction of fungal infections, diagnosis and treatment. View forum agenda.

A Demonstrated Model of Success

A project developed in Guatemala has showcased a global opportunity.

GAFFI's Guatemala programme doubles the diagnosis of fatal fungal infections in AIDS (in Spanish, with English subtitles) WATCH VIDEO

Pneumocystis pneumonia is one of the commonest killers of children with AIDS

2022 Annual Report Annual Report 2022 - July 2023  

As many people die of Fungal Infection as TB and many more than MALARIA