Online fungal microscopy course will teach rapid diagnosis of fungal infection for everyone worldwide

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Experts in Manchester have now developed the world’s first Fungal Microscopy online course. It is aimed at doctors, clinical scientists and laboratory technologists across the world, and because it is online, students in poorer countries where the need for information is greatest will now be able to learn how to recognize many serious pathogenic fungi.

It is a challenge to diagnose a serious fungal infection in real time and this course is aimed at teaching a rapid method of diagnosis. Visit microfungi.net to view the e Learning course.

Project LIFE student competition entry (Textile fungus )

The number of people with expertise in fungal microscopy is at an historic low, globally. Despite major technical developments in diagnostics and treatment the availability of rapid diagnostic methods is very poor in many parts of the world. This deficit contributes to the annual death toll of over 1,600,000 people from fungal disease each year.

GAFFI’s partner LIFE-worldwide has developed the course in conjunction with The University of Manchester and the Mycology Reference laboratory, Manchester, funded by the Fungal Infection Trust & Gilead Sciences Europe for their educational grant to support the second phase of the course’s development.

It is hoped that the course will enable any person who can access a microscope to learn to rapidly diagnose most fungal infections in minutes, saving lives.

Video introduction to the course

Microfungi.net Press Release 

Fungal Infection Trust